About Us

Set in Bingley town centre and established in 2010, Bingley Music School is family orientated and one of the best places in the Bradford area to learn music.

Bingley Music School is currently offering lessons in Guitar, Bass, Ukelele, Piano, Keyboard, Vocals and Music Theory.

Small group or individual lessons are available to students at all levels of playing, each tailored to provide students with the correct tools for learning their instrument.

Advanced tuition, group workshops and master classes are also available to those students wanting to take their playing to the next level and have fun whilst doing it.

Three like-minded tutors with the skills and knowledge to take you from an absolute beginner to wherever you want to be as a musician. 


The Team @ Bingley Music School:


Stuart Partridge (Guitar and Theory Tutor - Beginner to Advanced)

Stu has been teaching guitar and playing music professionally since 2007. He has previously taught at Yamaha Music School and Wesborough High School and started Bingley Music School alongside his then partner Warren Fyffe.

He was fortunate enough to receive lessons from Kes Loy, Darren Dutson-Bromley and Tom Quayle. Starting at 10 , playing in many groups and learning various styles. He currently plays in the ever busy violin, vocal and guitar trio - Live Lounge and enjoys playing acoustic instrumental music.


Ruth Nielson (Piano, Keyboard, Vocals - Beginner to Advanced)

Ruth joined Bingley Music School in October 2018. She has taught professionally since Sept 2016 where she set up her own piano teaching and later expanded to include singing teaching. She teaches all ages and encourages a passion for music in her students. She has also worked at Yorkshire Music School.

Ruth completed her Degree in Jazz Studies at Leeds College of Music in 2008 and is experienced in many styles. She performs regularly as a solo piano vocalist and played in various groups and duos over the years. She is starting to write her own music again and experienced in composition and improvisation.


Nathan Bingley (Drums - Beginner to Advanced)

With 15 years of drumming experience, Nathan has played in many bands and studied at Bradford College of Music. He has a passion for all aspects of music including recording and production.

Primarily studying progressive rhythms, Nathan believes these intricacies are achieved through proper mastery of technique, a firm grasp of rudiments and timing. All of which can be applied to every aspect of being a musician.