Vocal Classes

Improve your singing technique and repertoire

Piano/Keyboard Classes

Improve your singing technique and repertoire

Get professional, no-nonsense advice

Piano, guitar accompaniment for concerts, gigs, festivals and exams etc.

Lessons for soloists and duets / groups

Preparation for GCSE or A Level performance exams

Learn to read music and improve your sight-singing

Help, tips and advice on improved timing and intonation

Vocal warm-ups, exercises and ear-training

Teach all styles of music from pop & rock to broadway

Join our group sessions

We are now running our extremely fun and comprehensive group sessions.

  • Adult choir is currently run on a Tuesday at 7pm.
  • Both adult and kids guitar groups run on Sundsday at 1 and 2.15pm respectively.
  • Drum groups currently run on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening.
  • Keyboard groups run on Monday evening.

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