Guitar / Bass / Ukulele Classes

Individual guitar, bass and ukulele lessons

Guitar/Bass/Ukulele Classes

We offer individual guitar, bass and ukulele lessons tailored to your speed of learning and musical tastes. With teachers able to teach a great range of genres such as Pop, Rock, Blues, Classical and Jazz.

Or if you prefer learning with others at a steady pace we teach group lessons, these can be groups of 3 to 8 and offer a great social learning environment.

(group lessons start regularly, usually at a beginner level)

We also offer a 6 week beginners course available both for groups and individuals.

Join our group sessions

We are now running our extremely fun and comprehensive group sessions.

  • Adult choir is currently run on a Tuesday at 7pm.
  • Both adult and kids guitar groups run on Sundsday at 1 and 2.15pm respectively.
  • Drum groups currently run on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening.
  • Keyboard groups run on Monday evening.

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